Why James Franco Quit Instagram And 3 More Juicy Nuggets From \'Disaster Artist\' Interview

As >James Franco

promotes >"The Disaster Artist,"

it looks like the eccentric actor and director is switching to a less-is-more approach with fame -- and that means focusing on fewer projects, cutting back on public stunts and getting off Instagram entirely.

"It's very liberating," he told >Variety

in an interview published Tuesday. "I just got rid of it. When I first got on [Instagram], it just felt silly. I treated it like it was a joke. You get in that weird seductive space where it feels private, but it's also public. And you get hooked on the reaction."


Source :http://toofab.com/2017/11/14/james-franco-quit-instagram-disaster-artist-tommy-wiseau-kardashians-gucci/

Why James Franco Quit Instagram and 3 More Juicy Nuggets From 'Disaster Artist' Interview
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