The Top Whatever: Please Never Forget The Miami Team That Prefers To Win Every Game By Scores Like 23 19 Just Beat Notre Dame By 33



Got Notre Dame the hell out of here for the year by humiliating the Irish 41-8 in Miami.

Notre Dame did hand the Canes four turnovers, turnovers Miami tidily turned into a blowout with timely offense. Take out those four turnovers, and we’re all looking at a much closer game between two teams that are really not that far apart in overall talent.

That is a charitable reading, one that’s almost as giving to Notre Dame as the Notre Dame offense was to the Miami defense.

On the other hand: Miami spent most of the second half in complete shutdown mode and ran the clock like it had to get to Club LIV by 11 for a recruiting meetup. This might actually be accurate. The Canes rented out the LIV at the stadium as a reception area for incoming recruits.

This sentence appears in Miami's media guidelines for today, and it is hilarious:

"CLUB LIV: No media member is permitted to enter Club Liv for any reason, before, during or after the game. This area is strictly for recruits only"

— Tim Reynolds (@ByTimReynolds) November 11, 2017

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