Pinterest Just Added New Tools To Its Futuristic ‘Lens’ Feature — Here’s How They Work


  • Pinterest is adding new tools to its Lens feature, a visual search engine built into Pinterest.

  • "Lens your Look" lets you take pictures of items in your closet and get ideas for how to wear them.

  • "Pincodes" work a lot like QR codes and link back to boards on Pinterest.

Pinterest on Tuesday is adding new features to its futuristic Lens tool. 

Lens is getting two major updates that are geared specifically toward shopping and fashion: a feature called "Lens your Look," and a new tool called "Pincodes."

Lens your Look works a lot like a virtual personal stylist. You'll be able to snap a photo of an item in your closet using the Lens tool inside the app, then Pinterest will show you ideas for how to wear it. Pinterest says it's trained Lens on 3,000 categories, so Lens should be able to differentiate between things like different washes of denim. 

Here's a GIF showing how it works:


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Pinterest just added new tools to its futuristic ‘Lens’ feature — here’s how they work
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