Letter: Presidents And The National Debt

It is rather an odd thing how Presidents get either credit for blame for different things.

But when it comes to our debt the blame falls on one entity and one alone. The House is where the money is spent. And all the blaming of someone else or another group is silly. Obama gets blamed for the new ten trillion in debt during his watch but that is just not the facts.

The House is responsible for allowing more money to be spent than we had during those eight years. This is easy to do when they did not follow the law by creating a budget and sticking to it. They simply did not do their job and allowed money to be spent as if it were a credit card and then every single time acted like cowards and raised the debt limit so they could continue to spend more and more.

Until the congress starts doing their job and stop pandering to the special interests that are always there with hands out expecting more money things will never change.

Source :http://www.gazettetimes.com/opinion/letters/letter-presidents-and-the-national-debt/article_672777e6-8731-59ea-916d-97402163c8df.html

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