How The Roy Moore Scandal Raises GOP Concerns For 2018

Tamara Keith:

Yes, so this was — this was different.

You know, the past allegations came in a newspaper article. This is live on television video of an accuser who is deeply emotionally distraught and offering very specific details about this event that happened 40 years ago.

And, almost immediately, the reaction from senators was prompt. And you have Cory Gardner, who is the head of the NRSC, who is responsible for getting Republicans elected in 2018, saying that Roy Moore should step aside, and, if he doesn’t, expulsion is the direction they would go, trying to expel him from the Senate.

And that seems to be the way it’s going. There are a lot of different scenarios that have been gamed out in Washington in recent days. But it seems like Republican senators are starting to consolidate behind that idea.

And just moments ago, reporting from the hallways of Capitol Hill, I’m seeing that Luther Strange is out giving interviews. He’s the current Republican senator from Alabama, temporarily, saying that he thinks a write-in candidacy is unlikely at this time.

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