Bogus Health News Is All Over Pinterest

Nichols told BuzzFeed News she posted the infographic, which was supplied to her by an outside company, on her Pinterest and her blog, This Mama Cooks, three to four years ago.

She’s since deleted it from her blog, but it’s still on her Pinterest, where it’s been shared on more than 26,000 other boards. Nichols said that she has pinned thousands of images over the years — sometimes the same image multiple times in an effort to get pinners’ eyeballs on it and drive traffic back to her blog, which is a common practice on the platform, she said. With Pinterest’s user interface, it’s hard even for her to find her own content.

“These boards are so gigantic, I couldn’t go find it without scrolling and scrolling and scrolling,” she said.

Some users say that even though Pinterest is an increasingly difficult place to capture people’s attention, the website referral traffic is still too significant to be ignored. Health pins can help drive that traffic.

For example, a pin containing a juice recipe to cure a UTI “without antibiotics” has been saved to 37,000 boards. It was created by Lee Traister, who says Pinterest is her top source of traffic to her site

Traister told BuzzFeed News that Pinterest generates about 50% of the 50,000 to 70,000 monthly page views she gets on her site dedicated to homestead living. “I also post regularly on Facebook,” she said. “But Pinterest is by far the greatest for bloggers in this niche as far as traffic goes.”

Asked about the scientific basis for the claim that her juice recipe can cure a UTI, Traister said that a lot of commenters have said the recipe worked for them. But “every person is going to have to decide for themselves what they want to try,” she said.

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Bogus Health News Is All Over Pinterest
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