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Food 10:9 ICO Review: TE-FOOD (TFOOD) – Decentralized Produce and Livestock Tracing TE-FOOD is creating a solution for transparent tracking, securing, and ensuring quality of food being transported.

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What does the company/project do?

Based in Vietnam, TE-FOOD is creating an inexpensive, scalable solution for transparent tracking, securing, and ensuring quality of food being transported globally. This will be used to combat food-borne illness, fraud, theft, and corruption. Essentially, they have a two-sided approach:

1. TE-FOOD will train businesses, farms, suppliers, butchers, and transporters in their network to use their app and QR codes to scan and log livestock, and other fresh foods in transport from departure location (i.e. the farm) to processors (i.e. butchers) to the market, and every step in between.

The goal is to provide transparency (both geographically and chronically) to all parties involved, including the market which would be primarily concerned about duration of travel.

2. The other part is conscientious consumers that want to know what kind of journey their food has been on. They can then scan and verify the timeliness of the food deliveries to the market as well at the quality.

What are the tokens used for and how can token holders make money?

The tokens are going to be used as a medium of exchange between businesses, but will also be rewarded to customers that use the app to scan food they receive to ensure quality.

Those tokens can then be used on the platform to purchase higher quality insight, as well as food quality analysis services. This provides more incentive to consumers, which loops back providing incentive for businesses to use the service.

The tokens should appreciate in value depending on how many working partners TE-FOOD can secure, as well as the number of consumers/markets depending on the app to ensure quality. The more the app/tracking service is used by companies, the more they will have to purchase tokens in bulk, driving up demand, and thus price.


– The company works with some of the biggest retail chains/farming companies in Asia such as C.P. Group, JAPFA, Lotte Mart, AEON, as well as the government of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam. Each one of them is a large volume purchaser, so it is expected that TFOOD tokens will have heavy usage.
– This project is more advanced than other supply chain-related blockchain projects in both business development (serving a customer base of 30 million) and technology (both functioning hardware and software are developed).
– With the use of TFOOD, small farms can compete more effectively with the big players because they can also ensure the safety of their produce at a cost effective manner.
– TE-FOOD has multiple products (QR code as well as RFID tags) to cater for different types of products.
– The team is very thorough in its communication on their blog in terms of their vision, their partnership agreements (with the actual agreement posted), company structure, and progress update. This provides comfort to ICO participants in the legitimacy of the project and competency of the team.


– The company has a strong footprint in Vietnam, but their ability to replicate the success to other countries is unproven because the food and agriculture industry in each country is very different. However, the company has set up offices in Hungary and South Africa and has made some key hires in the two countries.


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