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motorola 6:46 Motorola’s last Smart Watch? Moto360 Sport Is Motorola’s last smart watch worth buying? The Moto360 Sport is currently one of the most affordable smart watches you can buy. Join me in this episode as we dive into all the features this watch has to offer.

Moto360 Sport Watch buy link:

Subscription box fun once again on GearCandy !!! Join me in this LootCrate DX unboxing. The DX is Lootcrate’s most exclusive offering. Let’s see what they sent over this time!

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Shot in 4.6K Video. (Yes, that’s higher than 4K !!!)

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Motorola’s last Smart Watch? Moto360 SportACER 99 devices ALCATEL 369 devices ALLVIEW 124 devices AMAZON 17 devices AMOI 47 devices APPLE 57 devices ARCHOS 38 devices ASUS 162 devices AT&T 4 devices BENEFON 9 devices BENQ 35 devices BENQ-SIEMENS 27 devices BIRD 61 devices BLACKBERRY 88 devices BLU 258 devices BOSCH 10 devices BQ 12 devices CASIO 5 devices CAT 11 devices CELKON 229 devices CHEA 12 devices COOLPAD 25 devices DELL 20 devices EMPORIA 15 devices ENERGIZER 16 devices ERICSSON 40 devices ETEN 22 devices FUJITSU SIEMENS 2 devices GARMIN-ASUS 5 devices GIGABYTE 63 devices GIONEE 78 devices GOOGLE 5 devices HAIER 51 devices HP 41 devices HTC 253 devices HUAWEI 259 devices I-MATE 34 devices I-MOBILE 37 devices ICEMOBILE 61 devices INNOSTREAM 18 devices INQ 5 devices INTEX 15 devices JOLLA 3 devices KARBONN 60 devices KYOCERA 23 devices LAVA

Motorola’s last Smart Watch? Moto360 Sport 108 devices LEECO 9 devices LENOVO 174 devices LG 596 devices MAXON 31 devices MAXWEST 41 devices MEIZU 36 devices MICROMAX 274 devices MICROSOFT 30 devices MITAC 12 devices MITSUBISHI 25 devices MODU 8 devices MOTOROLA 447 devices MWG 5 devices NEC 73 devices NEONODE 3 devices NIU 30 devices NOKIA 454 devices NVIDIA 3 devices O2 45 devices ONEPLUS 7 devices ces SIEMENS 94 devices SONIM 13 devices SONY 131 devices SONY ERICSSON

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